Hyaluronic Acid Hair Serum: Smooth & Silky

Hyaluronic Acid Hair Serum: Smooth & Silky

Hydrate, boost volume, rejuvenate.

Say goodbye to dead ends and make your hair luxurious and bouncy again! This recipe combines the best natural ingredients to revive your hair and make it look and feel better than ever.

Ingredient Selection and Method

Phase A (Water Phase)

Phase B (Oil Phase)

Mixing Instructions

Combine all the ingredients into one container and stir or shake well. Begin with all the water phase ingredients and then add in the oil phase. That's it! This recipe is bi-phase, meaning that the water and oil phases will not remained combined. You will notice the phases separating once your product is left still. 

Package in a glass or plastic bottle with a pump-cap.

Shelf Life, Storage & Usage

This formulation contains water, which means it does require a preservative, such as Saliplus Liquid. 

Store in a cool, dry place to give this product a shelf life of about one year.

Always shake well before use to combine the two phases and ensure your hair receives all of the natural goodness that this serum has to offer. Simply shake, pump out and apply to your hair.

Why Use These Ingredients?

This recipe calls for a few different natural ingredients that have various benefits for good hair health. To highlight some of them:

Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates and moisturizes by absorbing moisture into the hair. 

Hemisqualane: is a very lightweight natural emollient that seeps into the scalp. It reduces frizzing and strengthens each strand of hair.

Argan Oil: has a wide range of benefits for hair, including fighting dandruff by healing dryness of the scalp, decreasing frizz, keeps hair protected from damage, and adds shine.

Polyquaternium 7: is highly conditioning, having properties that promote detangling and ease of combing and brushing.