Essential Oils Living

Essential Oils Living

Give Your Lifestyle a Boost with Essential Oils Living

Essential oils are not just for aromatherapy anymore. From cleaning to alleviating anxiety and soothing pain, these miracle oils have seen a rise in popularity, and for good reason.

But how do they work? And what are the benefits and potential risks associated with essential oils? Find out below as we reveal the answers to these questions and more.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are powerful botanical medicines made from the extracts of plants and can be used in a variety of ways to boost your health and better your life. They are obtained through a process known as distillation (either through steam, water or the more common approach, mechanical distillation, commonly known as cold pressing).

Once the aromatics have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that is safe to use. Carrier oils, which are also known as base oils, are made from plants such as nuts, seeds, and vegetables. But not all essential oils are made equal, and the way they are produced plays a role in their effectiveness. Those made through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils.

How to use essential oils in your daily living

Most people use essential oils to boost their health, reduce stress, soothe pain, and even clean their homes. Products you can make at home that contain essential oils include personal hygiene products such as soap bars and liquid washes, shampoos and conditioners, face and body creams, perfumes, hair treatments, and lip balms. Some oils can also be used in the home or office in diffusers or for general cleaning.

However, essential oils require a large amount of plant material to make, so they can be expensive.

See the below example:

  • About 113 kgs of lavender make only an estimated 0.4 kgs of lavender essential oil.
  • About 2267 kgs of rose petals or lemon balm creates around 0.4 kgs of rose or lemon balm essential oil.

If you are starting out, decide how you would like to incorporate an oil blend into your lifestyle before making unnecessary purchases. It is sometimes easier to start with aromatherapy (you can purchase a diffuser and one or two oils) to aid relaxation than a more complex task such as creating a candle or body lotion. When you become comfortable working with oils in a diffuser and find scents you like, it will be time to start exploring some of the amazing products you can create.

How to make essential oil blends

Essential oils living is more than a trend; it celebrates a holistic approach to life. By incorporating essential oils into our daily routines, we enhance our well-being in numerous ways.

To start making your own essential oil blend, you will need a selection of essential oils, including base/carrier oils, and a few simple accessories such as plastic containers, bottles, tins, droppers, or vials. Keep in mind that blends don't need to be complicated. Often, a simple, well-proportioned mix of just two or three oils is enough to create a new type of scented oil.

Not sure where to start? Visit our Recipes page for ideas or browse our extensive range of oils for inspiration.

Who can use essential oils?

Almost anyone can benefit from essential oils living. Young and old, men and women across the world have experienced the therapeutic effects of oils.

Potential risks

Since essential oils are considered natural products, we assume they are safe in all applications. However, essential oils are potent and should not be consumed or used irresponsibly. Side effects of essential oils used improperly are skin irritation, redness, or even an allergic reaction. Diluting them with carrier oils such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or argan oil helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation while still retaining their beneficial properties. Essential oils should not be used during pregnancy or if you have underlying health conditions.

What are standard oils?

Standard oils are herbal extracts with active compounds concentrated to a consistent level. They are commonly used in herbal remedies and supplements because their reliability and predictability in terms of potency are trusted. These oils provide a consistent dose of specific beneficial compounds from the source plant, making them ideal for supplements and therapeutic remedies. Their concentration is also regulated, ensuring uniform potency in every batch.


It’s important to remember that essential oils are natural products that can vary from batch to batch, even when they are of good quality. Refined Naturals prides itself on supplying only the very best essential and carrier oils in the market.